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Delphic Rancho San José del Carrizo is a working cattle ranch that belongs to the De Hoyos Family. It is located two miles from the town of Bacoachi along the Sonora River. This is 75 miles from the U.S. port of entry of Naco Az. And 95 miles from Douglas Az. The ranch is located at the base of Buenos Aires Mountain, considered an ecological island along with its two neighboring mountains, Los Ajos and La Purica.
Logo's Ranch
The elevation is 4300feet above sea level. Most of the ranch is rolling hills with grama grasses, perfect for raising cattle. The Sonora River valley is the route the first Spaniards traveled through while looking for the fabled gold city of Cibola. This valley was also the backyard of the Apache Indians. Bacoachi used to be a presidio to protect Spanish settlers from Apache attacks. Later gold was discovered in the area, so mining become a very important economic activity. Many of the old mines still exist. Cattle and farming are the main activities at the present. A large portion of the cattle raised in the area is exported to the U.S., farming is mostly feed for cattle, alfalfa, sorghum; although garlic, peanuts and some vegetables are also grown.




Bacoachi Plaza